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Sarah Burroughs Education and Curatorial Coordinator 9/11 Tribute Center

Sarah Burroughs is the Education and Curatorial Coordinator at the 9/11 Tribute Center where she works with school groups, runs the museum's Distance Learning program, and manages/cares for the collections. She helps to oversee a large team of volunteers-- all guides who lived through 9/11 and share their stories on a regular basis with visitors to the museum.

She has previously worked with various museums, zoos, and nature centers in Philadelphia, Delaware, and the West Coast. These jobs have been as staff, volunteer, or a consultant and have included copy-editing, evaluations, front-end programming, zookeeping/collections management, exhibits, and graphic design.

Sarah has earned a B.S. in Zoo Science from Delaware Valley College and an M.A. in Museum Education from the University of the Arts, and has also participated in an extended graduate course at the University of Delaware on Environmental Institutution Management. To complete her Masters she performed original research studying collaboration and education methods between informal institutions and their communities, entitled Conserving Our Urban Nature: Encouraging Environmental Empathy in Community-Based Education Programs. Her research can be found at

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