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Kristin Scarola Brooklyn Museum

Kristin Scarola is an educational consultant who provides experiences for museum visitors that are accessible, engaging, and informative. She works with a range of audiences including school groups, families with young children, older adults with dementia, individuals with special needs, and provides professional development to teachers and parents. She is currently working with Cool Culture, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Museum of Arts and Design.  Previously, she was a Senior Educator at the Brooklyn Museum where she created The Sensory Tour, an innovative and experimental program for adults with visual impairments and curious individuals seeking to experience art beyond the sense of sight. In 2012 – 2013, Kristin served as a Trustee-at-Large for the New York Museum Educators Roundtable. Her practice as an educator is informed by her work as an interdisciplinary artist and ethnographer. Kristin’s M.A. entitled “Critical Studies and Creative Ethnography” was obtained from New York University.

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