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Hope Salas Museum Magnet Specialist n/a

Hope Salas is the Museum Magnet Specialist at the new Museum Magnet School @ PS 191 in NYC. Her responsibilities include implementing and overseeing the magnet grant initiatives & goals that include systemic reform, museum-themed instruction, collaborative planning, family programs and student recruitment. With more than twelve years experience in the fields of theatre studies, live performance, elementary and secondary school museum education, and curriculum development, through the arts Hope is committed and dedicated to social and education reform. She has developed numerous art-based curricula enabling students to explore various disciplines such as theatre, history, art, literature and writing. Hope has taught in South Africa, Uganda and NYC and was a contractual educator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She received her masters in Museum Education from Bank Street College of Education and a Masters in Fine Arts in Acting from Columbia University. As a professional actor, Hope has performed throughout the United States and internationally. She is a proud member of NYCMER and the American Association of Museum Professionals.

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