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Jen Oleniczak Founder, The Engaging Educator & Freelance Museum Educator

JEN OLENICZAK is the founder of The Engaging Educator, a NYC-based organization that specializes in improv, theatre, and movement workshops and professional developments for educators and institutions. With The Engaging Educator, she’s held workshops for institutions throughout NYC and the US such as the Brooklyn Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, New York Botanical Gardens, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, NYU, MFA Houston and The Franklin Institute, and has also worked with educators from such institutions as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Apollo Theatre, National Archives, School of Art Institute Chicago, Shedd Aquarium, History Colorado and the Indiana Art Museum. She’s done a TEDx Talk on Improv and Social Change, presented at the New York Museum Educator’s Roundtable Conference (2013, 2014) and the Imaginative Education Resource Group Conference (2013). Jen has also presented on Isamu Noguchi at the Case Western Reserve Art History Symposium (2011). Jen is a trained museum educator, completing her Art History studies at the City College of New York, graduating summa cum laude. She is an active participant in Guggenheim for All, both assisting and leading the Autism initiative visits and participating as a Sackler Educator with the extended Learning Through Art Guggenheim for All program.

Currently she freelances with the Guggenheim Museum and the Noguchi Museum. She is also a teaching artist with Sweet Readers, a program designed to reach people with Alzheimer’s through art making and looking. Aside from her museum and art career, she is a trained actor and improviser. Jen has performed in Milwaukee, Chicago and New York, as well as one national tour. Currently she can be found off-Broadway at the National Comedy Theatre.

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