Annual Conference

A Regional Conference with a National Impact

2023 NYCMER Annual Conference

Speak Up: Change in Museums

Conference: May 15, 2023

Proposals due: February 13, 2023

The 2023 NYCMER Annual Conference will be held on May 15. This year’s theme is Speak Up: Change in Museums. Each year, NYCMER hosts an annual conference about key issues and trends in the museum education field. With a keynote speaker and dozens of sessions covering a variety of topics, it’s a great opportunity to expand your knowledge base, network, keep your thumb on the pulse of regional museum work, and catch up with colleagues. We're excited to be in person once again to join together as a community. Plus there’s an after party!

Do you have something to say? We want to hear it! Share how change has come or what change is needed to your community, practice or museum. Change can come in many areas of your work: in access and equity, in pedagogy and mode of delivery, in community involvement and engagement. Change can also be on different levels: individual, institutional, community, and the larger museum field.

Submit your proposals today!

The Conference Committee is interested in proposals that represent the interests of institutions of varying size and discipline, as well as the experiences of informal education professionals at all career levels. We encourage collaboration between individuals at different institutions. Session proposals should include interactive, practical, and replicable content, and should support educators’ professional development and skill-building. Poster proposals should include a description of the topic and how it connects to the theme. Proposals are due February 13, 2023.

For full details of the proposal process, including styles and options, and proposal templates, please review the Request for Proposals folder here.

When you are ready to submit, please use the Request for Proposals Form

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To get a sense of what it's like to attend a NYCMER Conference, check out this video documenting our conference at the American Museum of Natural History in 2013: