Museum Educator


Organization Description: 
A differentiated teaching program that brings museum quality materials and activities into the classroom providing science and art experiences for ages 3-10.

Position Description:
Teaching the WonderHUT science and art program to 3-10 year olds.

Reports to:
Kelli Crosby WonderHUT Founder

Job Requirements & Responsibilities:
Experienced museum educator or teaching artists push into schools and teach a science/art program developed by the company. The program provides curriculum and supporting materials to instructors. Initially instructors must train to learn the program but as they master the program this will not be necessary. The instructor has room to develop elements of the program and be creative within the scaffolded concepts of the curriculum. 

Instructors pick up materials from the company and transport them back to pick up the next weeks materials. The job offered is an independent contractor position but it is a year long program with the possibility of staying with various schools over the years. This is primarily a day school position with possible after-school opportunities as well. Instructors must be timely, organized and responsible for the materials.

Candidate Qualifications:
– Experienced museum educator or teaching artist. 
– Skilled at classroom organization and student management for 3-10 year olds. 
– Gracious with school teachers and schools so as to represent the company. 
– Familiar with differentiated and scaffolded teaching .
– Experience working with children in a maker type environment. 
– Somewhat performative personality.
– Able to physically transport materials from school to school. 
– Organized and timely.

Position Type:
Independent Contractor/Per Diem

Union Status:

FLSA Status:

The complete schedule is not known as yet as schools are still booking the program

Salary or Compensation:
$80-100/class. Classes range from 30 minutes to 1 hour

Organization or Project Website:

Application Info:
Please email me your interest, questions and qualifications.