Teaching Artists, Access Programs and Initiatives

Museum of Modern Art

Position Description:
The Department of Learning and Engagement at The Museum of Modern Art seeks teaching artists to develop and deliver inquiry-based art discussion programs and art making workshops for youth, adult, and older adult audiences, including individuals with disabilities. Termed contracts may include projects in-classrooms, community centers, at the Museum of Modern Art, and online.

Job Requirements & Responsibilities:
– Develop and teach discussion and art making programs for diverse audiences (children and adults), including individuals with disabilities
– Utilize MoMA’s collection and special exhibitions to present programs of varying lengths (single instruction, multi-part curriculum design) for a variety of audiences
– Prepare art supplies before teaching art making programs

Candidate Qualifications:
– Experience teaching programs with clear learning outcomes
– Experience leading interactive, inquiry-based conversations 
– Experience teaching studio programs
– Experience working with diverse participants (children and adults), including individuals with disabilities
– Experience and knowledge of working with or developing materials for varied populations, particularly those with disabilities in an educational setting
– Experience working with at least one of the following audiences: K-12 students with disabilities, older adults, individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, people with Parkinson’s disease, people who are blind or partially sighted, or adults with other disabilities.
– Understanding of the social model of disability, ability to attend to the difference between an individual’s health condition and the environmental or attitudinal barriers that present a disabling experience
– A strong knowledge of modern and contemporary art
– Bilingual proficiency (English/Spanish) preferred

Position Type:
Independent Contractor

Salary or Compensation:
Project range from $150 for one-off to $3,500 for multi-part engagements.

Organization or Project Website:

Application Info:
Please send resumes to michele_carlucci@moma.org.