Workshop Coordinator

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Organization Description: 
The Smithsonian Institution is a diverse museum and research complex dedicated to the increase and diffusion of knowledge. The Smithsonian has locations in locations in the Republic of Panama, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and 19 large buildings and the National Zoo in Washington, DC.  

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) is committed to advancing knowledge and understanding of the Native cultures of the Western Hemisphere, past, present, and future, through partnership with Native people and others. NMAI includes three facilities: NMAI-DC, NMAI-NY, and the Cultural Resources Center (CRC) in Suitland, MD which houses NMAI’s collection. NMAI stewards one of the largest and most extensive collections of Native American art and artifacts in the world: approximately 1,000,000 objects, photographs, and archival items representing over 12,000 years of history, from more than 1,200 indigenous cultures throughout the Americas.

Position Description:
This position is in the Education Department of the NMAI in New York (NMAI-NY) under the direct supervision of the Education Manager. The Education Specialist (Workshop Coordinator), in collaboration with the Education Manager, is responsible for the development and implementation of the Museum’s service to teachers, including the planning, development, and coordination of professional workshops and seminars(on-site, virtual and off-site) and instructional materials for teachers; developing and maintaining a strong communications network between the NMAI and local and national teachers and teacher organizations; planning, implementing and managing on-going evaluation of all programs.

Reports to:
Manager, Education Department

Job Requirements & Responsibilities:
Develops teacher programs and professional development, as well as companion interactive gallery activities and lessons. Performs subject-area research, development of programs and materials, testing of all products, and has full responsibility for implementation of programs and materials, including training of staff, contractors, and volunteers.  

Research contacts include Tribal experts and other Native educators, local school curriculum specialists, Native artists, local and national teacher organizations and teachers/educators.  

Researches program topics for teacher and support materials, teaches workshops, arranges for guest speakers, artists, ensures exemplary pedagogical approaches, content accuracy; and based on the best museum practices.

Candidate Qualifications:
1. Knowledge of Native American culture, history and art and best practices in conducting cultural research gained through personal or educational experience. This is used to develop teacher programs and companion interactive gallery activities and lessons for students.
2. Ability to teach about Native culture in a school or museum setting, gained through experience. 
3. Knowledge of education theory, formal and informal educational techniques, teaching practices and evaluation methods related to learning that takes place in museums gained through educational experience.
4. Knowledge of national education standards gained through educational experience. 
5. Knowledge of planning, developing, coordinating, and delivering workshops for teachers gained through professional experience. 
6. Knowledge of NYC-based community, education and cultural organizations gained through professional experience to enrich the program offerings and attract new audiences, train staff, volunteers, and lead programs. 
7. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with management and colleagues to gain confidence and cooperation of management and stakeholders.
8. Ability to communicate effectively in writing by conveying sensitive cultural information to a variety of audiences including Native American, state, and local school offices, and other museums, k -12 students, teachers, and the general public. This includes experience communicating in writing for web-based educational platforms.  
9. Ability to communicate orally by conveying sensitive cultural information to a variety of audiences, including Native American communities and educational institutions, state and local school offices, and other museums, students, teachers, and the general public.

Position Type:
Full-time, Federal

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Salary or Compensation:
$76,961 – $100,044

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