2021 Conference

2021 NYCMER Annual (Virtual) Conference

Monday May 17, 2021

Reflect, Reinterpret, Represent: What’s your Re__?


This year’s theme is Reflect, Reinterpret, Represent: What’s your Re__? Join in a conversation of resilience! Reflect on lessons learned and reinterpret the fundamentals of museum and informal education as we strive towards a renewed and more representative museum field.

The 2021 Conference Tickets will go on sale to members on about April 22, and to all not-yet-members on about April 28.


Ticket Pricing

  • $45 - a limited number of Early Bird tickets for members
  • $60 - for members
  • $95 - for not-yet-members.
  • $25 - for current students (NYCMER membership not required, but proof of being a student will be.  Please email vicepresident@nycmer.org for details.)


Not yet a member?  Consider joining NYCMER - you’ll get access to our resources, events, and you’ll save at least $5 on your conference ticket!


Conference Swag!  Want to support NYCMER and look amazing doing it?  We will have some NYCMER swag available for purchase before and during the conference!  Keep an eye out for announcements about these.


Pay it forward!  If you are a member and have institutional support, and/or you can afford it, we ask that you consider paying the full price, to let others take advantage of the early bird discount who may need it.  


Conference Scholarships!  A limited number of conference scholarships are available by application for those that would have a hard time paying the prices above.  If you have institutional support that can pay your entrance, we ask you to explore that option first, allowing us to cover the price of those who would not be able to attend otherwise.  All applications must be received by 11:59PM EDT, on Saturday, April 24, 2021.  For full details, see the application form here:  http://bit.ly/NYCMER2021Scholarship