Board of Trustees

NYCMER is a volunteer run, non-profit organization, led by a board of trustees nominated by members to represent our diverse field.

Elections take place each spring and the results are announced at our annual conference in May. The 2021 Call for Nominations is now open! If you are interested in learning more about the board, please contact

NYCMER Board Members, 2020-2021


President: Kira Lacks


Vice President: Brian Levine


Secretary & Peer Group Liaison: Sierra Van Ryck deGroot


Treasurer: Zélie Lewis


Appointed Trustees

Archivist: Lacey Flint


Membership Coordinator: Hope Morrill


Event and Job Listings Coordinator: Soley Esteves


Resources & Social Media Coordinator: Bridget McCormick


Website Coordinator: Erin Salthouse



Anthea Song

Arvolyn Hill

Danny Zeiger

James Moran

Marianne De Padua

Rick Jenkins

Sarah Maldonado

Shana H. Fung

Yoshie Kawakami

Taylor Koczot