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Run for the Board of Trustees

The NYCMER Board is pleased to announce the candidates for the 2024 Board positions! Thank you to all those who spread the word, encouraged colleagues to run, and stepped up!

The ballot will open in mid-April. Emails with voting instructions will be sent to all active members. In the meantime, we are sharing the full list of nominees and their responses to the nomination form questionnaire on this page. Throughout the month, we will also be highlighting all candidates on NYCMER’s social media channels.

In order to vote in the general NYCMER election you must have a valid membership as of March 31. Please see the bottom of this page for more information.


Member-Elected Positions for July 2024-June 2026:


The President is responsible for the overall administration of NYCMER and presides over meetings of the Board and events organized for the membership. The President provides leadership in the formulation and implementation of strategic planning and policies.


The Treasurer serves as an officer on the NYCMER Board and is responsible for supervision of NYCMER's financial records, chairing the Finance Committee, filing of the organization's taxes annually, and close coordination with other Board Officers and Trustees. The Treasurer works with board members to pursue additional funding opportunities and ensure financial stability.


Trustees-at-Large develop, facilitate, and lead monthly professional development programs and serve on committee boards to ensure that events and activities are carried out in accordance with the goals and objectives of NYCMER’s mission. The Board's obligation to its members is to govern in a style that embraces and supports diversity on many levels, including but not limited to race, ability, and identity, incorporates a spectrum of perspectives, and emphasizes the importance of equity.

(a minimum of 4 two-year term positions and 1 one-year term available)

What about the other positions?

  • All NYCMER Board roles are two-year terms, so half of the positions are open for nominations each year.
  • Some positions are elected by the NYCMER membership and some are appointed by the NYCMER Board. Nominees who are not selected for an appointed position will be included in the Trustee ballot in the member election. The board voted on the following positions at the April 2 Board meeting:

Membership Coordinator

The Membership Coordinator solicits new memberships, processes renewal notices, provides the Board with current membership information and works with fellow board members to expand and better understand our member base.

Resources and Social Media Coordinator

Resources & Social Media Coordinator is responsible for disseminating content to the membership via the website and other forums including Twitter, Flickr, and other social media.

Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator is responsible for event logistics across the organization, including those for monthly programs and Board meetings. This position serves as a liaison and resource between program teams, relevant Board Committees (i.e. Communications) and vendor sourcing.  The Events Coordinator is not responsible for content-planning, but focuses on project management and streamlining event production.

Website Coordinator

The Website Coordinator maintains the Corporation’s website by posting the Corporation’s program announcements and other documents, updating the site as needed and assessing and implementing current technology and design. He or she also plays a significant role in organizing and coordinating communication with membership.

(one-year term from July 2024 to June 2025)

About Board Positions

The full new Board will be announced ahead of the NYCMER Annual Conference.

How do I vote?

  • In April all NYCMER members will receive a ballot via Election Runner.
  • To vote for member-elected positions, make sure that your NYCMER membership is up to date! You can check your membership status by logging into the Member Portal. If you have any questions, our Membership Coordinator, Stephanie Joseph, is happy to help. Email her at


NYCMER was founded in 1979 and continues to grow with membership from across the tri-state area, representing a variety of disciplines, work settings, roles and career stages. NYCMER provides a forum for museum education professionals to address meaningful issues relevant to our work and to exchange and disseminate current information. We collaboratively produce professional development opportunities for our members and guests such as workshops, roundtable discussions, seminars, symposia, peer groups, and conferences.

About the NYCMER Board

NYCMER’s governing body is the Board of Trustees, consisting of current NYCMER Members all serving in non-salaried positions. The Board consists of four Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary & Peer Groups Liaison, Treasurer); six Appointed Trustees (Archivist, Resources & Social Media Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Postingss Coordinator, Website Coordinator, and Events Coordinator); and no fewer than eight Trustees-at-Large elected from among the Members. No more than three Trustees may have the same full-time institutional affiliation.


The Board's obligation to its members is to govern in a style that embraces and supports diversity on many levels, including but not limited to race, ability, and identity, incorporates a spectrum of perspectives, and emphasizes the importance of equity.


The purposes of the Board as set forth in its 501(c)(3) Certificate of Incorporation are:

  • to address issues of museum and educational interest;
  • to explore and implement cooperative programming opportunities through roundtable discussions, workshops, seminars, symposia, professional development series, and conferences; and
  • to pursue related charitable, cultural and educational purposes as permitted under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.