Board Roles & Responsibilities

Trustees-at-Large develop, facilitate, and lead monthly professional development programs and serve on committee boards to ensure that events and activities are carried out in accordance with the goals and objectives of NYCMER’s mission. The Board's obligation to its members is to govern in a style that embraces and supports diversity on many levels, including but not limited to race, ability, and identity, incorporates a spectrum of perspectives, and emphasizes the importance of equity. 



The President is responsible for the overall administration of NYCMER and presides over meetings of the Board and events organized for the membership. The President provides leadership in the formulation and implementation of strategic planning and policies. 



The Vice President also serves as Chair of the Annual Conference. In such capacity, she or he forms a Conference Committee, appoints one or more Annual Conference co-chairs, establishes the Annual Conference topic, designs and implements the program, establishes a budget and reports on Conference Committee proceedings to the Board. At the request of the President or in her or his absence or during her or his disability, the Vice President shall perform the duties and exercise the functions of the President. 



The Secretary & Peer Group Liaison is responsible for keeping minutes of all meetings of the Board as well as coordinating and liaising with Peer Group leaders to ensure that those groups provide NYCMER members with meaningful opportunities for collaboration, develop and share materials and resources, and conduct themselves in accordance with the organization’s guidelines. 



The Treasurer serves as an officer on the NYCMER Board and is responsible for supervision of NYCMER's financial records, chairing the Finance Committee, filing of the organization's taxes annually, and close coordination with other Board Officers and Trustees. The Treasurer works with board members to pursue additional funding opportunities and ensure financial stability.



The Website Coordinator maintains the Corporation’s website by posting the Corporation’s program announcements and other documents, updating the site as needed and assessing and implementing current technology and design. He or she also plays a significant role in organizing and coordinating communication with membership.


Resources & Social Media Coordinator is responsible for disseminating content to the membership via the website and other forums including Twitter, Flickr, and other social media.



The Archivist is responsible for maintaining the historical records and files of the organization. This position plays a key role in ongoing strategic planning projects and membership initiatives that require the organization and dissemination of archived materials. 



The Membership Coordinator solicits new memberships, processes renewal notices, provides the Board with current membership information and works with fellow board members to expand and better understand our member base.



The Postings Coordinator processes all job posting submissions and ensures that all information is complete, processes all event postings for the web calendar, and works with fellow board members to increase the prominence and visibility of these resources.



The Events Coordinator is responsible for event logistics across the organization, including those for monthly programs and Board meetings. This position serves as a liaison and resource between program teams, relevant Board Committees (i.e. Communications) and vendor sourcing.  The Events Coordinator is not responsible for content-planning, but focuses on project management and streamlining event production.

Additional Board Commitments 

All NYCMER Board members make the following commitments:

  • Monthly Meetings: held once a month (September – May) from 6:15 – 8 p.m. on a weekday and location determined by consensus at the beginning of the term. Board members must attend at least 6 of the 9 meetings annually. The June meeting is an abbreviated meeting followed by a celebratory dinner.
  • Full-day retreat: a one-day retreat scheduled in summer 2019 at a location to be determined.
  • Monthly Programs & Committees: Board members serve on at least two monthly program teams or serve on at least one program team and at least one committee over the course of the year. In addition, Board members attend at least three monthly programs.
  • Annual Conference: All NYCMER Board members assist the Conference Committee in executing the NYCMER annual conference in May. Board attendance at the NYCMER conference is mandatory.