NYCMER Committees 2020-2021

Board committees support the management and long term growth of our organization. Each committee sets specific objectives for themselves and reports to the full Board. Beyond the committees listed in the NYCMER bylaws, committees are subject to change each year


This committee identifies issues related to our members and strategies for advocacy, potentially in government, media, and across the field. Approaches may include research and publication, social media efforts, planning programs, and submitting testimony. The committee works within NYCMER’s 501(c)(3) status and connects with other organizations already involved in national and local advocacy


Alumni Engagement & Mentorship

This committee is proposed as an extension of the NYCMER 40th Anniversary in Spring 2019, with the goal of continuing to foster alumni engagement as a resource for members and future leaders. The committee may propose and oversee a mentorship program.


Communications & Marketing

This committee develops a web and social media communication strategy, including reviewing website and e-blast text and content. The committee will support other committees in their communications strategy, and will pursue opportunities to better engage and elevate members and partners.


Finance & Fundraising

This committee is responsible for the general planning of the financial affairs of NYCMER, as outlined in the bylaws. The committee is responsible for identifying funding sources beyond typical revenue streams (membership dues, event fees, job postings, etc.) for presentation to the full board. These may include grants, opportunities for individual donations, and sponsorships. The committee tracks grant proposals and reporting. The Treasurer serves as Chair of the Finance Committee.



This committee assesses the bylaws, policies, and procedures of the organization. The committee makes reports and recommendations on new and evolving best practices that reflect the organization and its members. The committee may also develop a handbook for members, and works with each titled position to create policy and procedures guidelines for succession planning.



This committee is tasked with overseeing elections for the Board, as outlined in the bylaws. This work is essential to the sustainability of the organization and to assure members’ trust in the process. While recruitment and outreach happens in the fall, the committee’s workload is generally weighted toward the latter half of the Board year. The Chair for this committee cannot be seeking re-election in the following year. Additionally, the committee has the option of including up to two members who are not currently on the Board or running for election.


Outreach & Recruitment

This committee focuses on developing NYCMER’s membership base and increasing quality job and event postings. The committee seeks to expand and diversify membership and to recruit members for opportunities for deeper engagement in NYCMER. The committee aims to learn about our members and support them.