Anthea Song

Manager of Programs and Communications

Scholastic Awards, Alliance for Young Artists & Writers

anthea looks to the left, chin on hand in a black and white image,


Statement of Interest:

Over the past three years, I've held two positions on the Board - as your appointed Jobs & Events Coordinator, and as an elected Trustee-at-Large; and it has been an honor to serve you. I'm impressed by how our community came together despite the pandemic, how we overcame and learned from the challenges we faced. I constantly find myself in awe and humbled by those around me -- my fellow board members, our speakers, and our members and program participants. There is still much to be done, and I would be delighted to return to the Board once again as your Trustee-at-Large and offer you my perspective, experience, and passion, and love for the field of museum education. I look forward to taking the next steps in achieving goals set out by the Finance Committee, for example, and continuing to provide the forum and space for exchanging ideas and asking hard questions.

Goals for NYCMER:

Having been involved in the Finance Committee for the past two years, I have gained a better understanding of the needs and goals of our organization, which has helped inform the vision we currently have for the coming years. We are at a pivotal point as an organization, to create structural support for the progressive conversations we want to not only be part of, but continue to be a leader in. The blueprint plan we have proposed thus far requires many follow-up steps, and I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to realizing them.


Professional Experience:

With a background in art history and museum education, I have previously worked in the Education at Seattle Art Museum, followed by the Guggenheim. Currently working alongside colleagues in education publishing at Scholastic, I am the Manager of Programs and Communications at the Alliance for Young Artist & Writers for Scholastic Awards, where I continue to build impactful educational engagement through our nation-wide programs. Over 80,000 students from across the country aged 13-18 participated in our most recent program year, for example, and their voices and visions never cease to ground and inspire me.