Daisy Collado

Program Coordinator


Daisy Collado - IMG_9119

Statement of Interest:

I am interested in joining NYCMER and just being an active representative and organizer for arts in The Bronx. NYCMER intersects education with the arts, which I am very passionate about.

Goals for NYCMER:

I plan to build a connection between NYCMER and the arts for the "youth" in my community. I hope NYCMER serves as a pathway to resources and opportunities that will nurture and help grow their creative spirits.

Professional Experience:

My biggest professional accomplishment would be working at Dreamyard as a program coordinator and a teaching artist. Through Dreamyard, I have been able to directly serve the community where I am from through collaborative and transformative arts. I am significantly proud of the youth I teach, their growth, and what they have accomplished in their personal lives.