Danielle Mink-Bellizzi

Program Manager for NYC STEM Education 

New York Academy of Sciences

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Statement of Interest:

As a longstanding advocate for informal education transcending boundaries, I am compelled to pursue a leadership role within NYCMER to actively contribute to its transformative mission for New York City. With a focus on building robust partnerships across organizations and public schools in informal STEM education, joining the Board resonates deeply with my passion for fostering inclusive professional development and advocating for equity. I bring a collaborative spirit to my work and am dedicated to advancing our field's relevance beyond institutional boundaries.

Goals for NYCMER:

I strongly support NYCMER's commitment to providing robust professional development and networking opportunities for museum education professionals. Additionally, I advocate for the creation of resources and playbooks to standardize practices across fields, ensuring equitable access to best practices. Moving forward, I hope NYCMER will prioritize fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation, amplifying the impact of our work.


Professional Experience: 

With a background in coastal planning, I actively contribute to the field through various leadership roles. As a board member of Women in Geospatial Sciences, I've spearheaded global mentorship programs. Additionally, I serve as an Open Data Ambassador in NYC, fostering connections among community board members. Recently, I joined the National Marine Educators Conference Committee as well as NYCMER's! I'm dedicated to organizing professional development workshops and providing coaching for informal STEM educators nationwide. Previously, I served as an AmeriCorps Volunteer and NYC Civic Corps Member, followed by a role as Program Manager for NYC STEM Education at the New York Academy of Sciences.


Specific Skills:

In the role I'm nominating for, I bring a strong foundation in member and volunteer management, honed through experience in various organizational capacities. My adeptness in event planning ensures seamless execution of initiatives, fostering engagement and participation. Additionally, my proficiency in resource development enables me to create sustainable solutions tailored to organizational needs. I excel in cleaning and organizing data, leveraging it to develop tools that support ongoing research efforts. Through effective project management and leadership, I facilitate collaboration and drive impactful outcomes. My commitment to excellence extends beyond professional realms, reflecting in my dedication to community engagement and personal growth.