Education Program Development Assistant of Learning and Engagement

The Haverstraw Brick Museum

Organization Description: 
Founded in 1975 and incorporated in 1997, The Haverstraw Brick Museum is based in Haverstraw, New York, 45 minutes north of New York City and the Tri-State area. The Museum received its Absolute charter in education in 2012.

Settled in 1616, Haverstraw is one of the oldest villages in North America. The word comes from the Dutch language and means “oat straw.” the museum archives include objects from the brick industry, brick collections, hand-made dioramas, oral records, maps, video recordings, documentaries, photographs, and the written family papers and Brickyard ledgers from the mid-1700s to the 1940s. Through the firsthand documents in our collections, the museum provides a unique perspective on the industrial era and the infrastructure building of some of New York State’s greatest brick architecture, industrial design, and engineering projects, such as the Croton Aqueduct, and the Erie Canal, for visitors wishing to have a deeper understanding into America’s cultural & architectural heritage. As the only museum in the region dedicated to the economic success of a particular American industry that had a substantial economic impact on that region, our education program use stories of local inventions and inventors from the archives to teach 21st-century technology— inspiring students to “chase the Dream” by exposing them to hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) opportunities they would not ordinarily be exposed to. This and many other assets offer a promising future for visitation to the Museum and support of its educational programs.

Position Description:
The Haverstraw Brick Museum, located in Haverstraw, NY, seeks an experienced Spanish-speaking Bi-lingual part-time Program Assistant of Learning and Engagement to create and expand meaningful teaching opportunities across the museum experience, in the community, and virtually for all ages and abilities. In a newly created position, the Program Assistant will assist the Executive Director in implementing the Museum’s current educational initiatives based on hands-on learning STEAM pedagogical principles. Our programs focus on 1) earth sciences, including geology, environment, and climate, 2) Industrial, American, and social history and architecture through the unique narrative of the Museum’s archives, and 3) Brick Architecture, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and Landscape architecture. The Museum recently received funding to build a new 3 1/2-story Museum. This position provides a unique opportunity for the candidate to grow with the Museum and have input into an exciting new direction that aligns with the Brick Museum’s mission and commitment to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI) as core values, as well as to current pedagogy and best practices in the field.

Reports to:
Executive Director

Job Requirements & Responsibilities:
– Assist the Executive Director (ED) in developing education programs, family day webinars, walking tours, and special events. Create and execute recurring and on-time bi-lingual adult and children’s education programs with staff historians that engage and stimulate an expanding and diverse membership. This includes collaborating and following up with local and state schools, strategic partners, and community centers to ensure topics fit into their curriculum.
– Assist with connecting to local teachers to grow our education team and programs.
– Work with ED to provide and develop training tools for teachers using our collections to teach industrial history, American history, Earth Science, Climate Science, Engineering, Math, and Architecture using STEAM principles.
– Help Plan and organize bi-monthly programming inside, outside, or virtually for the Museum, such as book talks, guest lecturers, special events, walking tours, classes, or other new programming approaches.
– Help nurture partnerships with local Museums, Historical Societies, and non-profit organizations.
– Work closely with the Executive Director to provide ideas for project grant proposals.
– Work with the Education Director to provide ideas for monthly newsletters and blogs.
– Assist ED in convening professionals for informative and engaging online monthly lecture series.
– Contribute to and help develop a quarterly education newsletter
– Manage Family Event Calendar, classes, and programs.
– Help Teach family day event classes one weekend a month
– Assist ED to create monthly after-school programs and summer camp projects
– Perform other tasks as may be requested by the Executive Director or Museum President
– Help with social media when needed

Candidate Qualifications:
The Museum is located within a Spanish-speaking community. Candidate must be fluent in Spanish and be able to translate complex ideas in a bi-lingual setting. Undergraduate degree in history, social work, Museum studies, preservation, education, ceramic arts, or science-related fields such as engineering, architecture, geology or earth science, or other STEM-related areas and hands-on learning pedagogy. A master’s degree in Museum studies, early childhood education, history, or the ceramic arts is preferred but not required.

We recognize that it is highly unlikely that someone meets 100% of the qualifications. If this job description describes you, then please apply for this high growth role!

Position Type:

Union Status:

FLSA Status:

Salary or Compensation:
$18 – 20,000 per year

Organization or Project Website:

Application Info:
Applications should include a cover letter, resume, and links to a bi-lingual writing example and or ceramics art portfolio
Applicants should send their applications to