Celebrating World Soil Day with Carlos Durigan, Country Director of WCS Brazil

Dec 08, 2020 5:30PM—7:00PM

Cost $15

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For centuries, the Amazon persisted while indigenous people adapted to use soil and produced a kind of traditional agriculture. Now, after less than a hundred years of agribusiness expansion we’ve lost 20% of the forest. WCS Brazil Country Director, Carlos Durigan joins us to celebrate World Soil Day, to discuss the need to save the home of one of the planet’s great biodiverse habitats, and his journey along this conservation story.

This program is part of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s newest interactive series highlighting diverse professionals in STEM careers called Not All Scientists Wear Lab Coats: A WCS Global Scientist Series. In each session, you’ll learn about a different conservation issue, meet a Wildlife Conservation Society staff member actively working on solutions, and discover how their unique pathway to a STEM career was influenced by their identity. Sessions are remote.

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