Games & Education: Virtual Talk

Mar 08, 2023


Where: Virtual

Time: 7-8PM

Cost: Free


Join us for a two-part hybrid event that celebrates the power of gaming in education.

Pterosaurs. Gut microbes. Killer Snails. The Sixth Extinction. At the American Museum of Natural History, the team of Barry Joseph and Nicholas Fortugno tackled these subjects and more as both museum educators and game designers. Over a period of a half dozen years, working with NYC high school youth, digital and analog games were produced for sale in the store and pushed to visitor’s mobile phones. Documented for the first time in the new AAM book, Making Dinosaurs Dance, come learn how their “Toolkit for Digital Design in Museums” provides a framework for using game development to teach museum content and unleash the creative power of teenagers. The program will be of use to educators creating programs as well as educational leadership looking to make impactful changes to their offerings. Nick is Chief Creative Officer of Playmatics and Director of Gaming Pathways for the City College of New York. Barry now leads a digital learning consultancy and is an adjunct professor at NYU teaching digital experience design in museums. Learn more about the book here.

Find out more about the transformative power of games, as well as their ability to keep people engaged and leave a lasting impact, with concepts that can be implemented on almost any budget.

This is party of a two-part series program – register for the February 22nd Gaming Block Party here.