#NYCMERReads: Feb Book Club

Feb 25, 2020 6:00PM—7:30PM


The Noguchi Museum 9-01 33rd Road Queens, NY

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How can museums remain as true public spaces for the community, both internally with staff and externally with visitors, within the capitalist and classist society we live in today? Join us to discuss the challenges in building a consistency in ethics within museums, and actionable steps we can take as museum staff. We’ll consider the overall contradictions museums face, from funding acquisitions to staff retention, and reflect on how we can create inclusion without sacrificing our values as community spaces.
Reading Choice(s):
On general contradictions with museum ethics:
The Schrödinger’s Career of Working in Museums
A New Definition of “Museum” Sparks International Debate

On ethics regarding funding:
Warren Kanders Resigns From Whitney Museum Board After Months of Controversy and Protest

On ethics regarding inclusion:
In Action How Can Museums Become a Home for Newcomers
Inclusion in museums: a matter of social justice

On museums creating spaces for empathy: An excerpt from Interpreting Difficult History