Leigh Williams

Family Programs and Visitor Experience Manager

New York Transit Museum

Leigh poses with long hair and glasses in front of dark background

Statement of Interest:

I'm looking to take a more active role in a field that is relatively new for me but has already proven incredibly rewarding. I've worked in visitor experience for many years, but in a Museum context just the last year and a half. I'm excited by the creative ways the City's museums and cultural institutions are responding to the new reality we have found ourselves in for almost a year now, and I'd like to be part of the conversation about ways we can all move forward. I would bring an open mind and innate curiosity, commitment to working collaboratively, and experience that is rooted in looking at things from a visitor’s perspective.

Goals for NYCMER:

If I were granted the opportunity to serve on the NYCMER Board, I would like to leave my term feeling I'd helped to foster interdepartmental understanding and solidarity within and across institutions. One way to do this is by forwarding the idea that all Museum staff work in visitor experience, regardless of the department in which they work or their title, and without taking anything away from anyone's individual expertise and contributions. I'm also particularly interested in foregrounding issues of accessibility, in all the many shapes and forms that takes.


Professional Experience:

As I mentioned, I'm fairly new to the field, so my experience with conferences has been as an eager participant thus far. I have attended NYCMER peer group meetings, in person pre-COVID and virtually since. I was brought on at the Museum partly to hire and train a new Visitor Experience team, which I was able to do before the Museum closed. I previously served as Visitor Services Supervisor at the High Line, overseeing a team of 24 people during peak season at a park that saw upwards of 8 million visitors a year.


Specific Skills:

I bring excellent communication and people skills, combined with an attention to detail and strong work ethic. I am deeply curious about a wide variety of topics both within the field, and in the world at large, and I always relish an opportunity to dig in to learning about something that is new to me. I also bring years of experience in team-building and working collaboratively, which I believe would be of great relevance in this position.