Marie Fazio

Education Coordinator 

New York Transit Museum

Marie smiles, wearing glasses and long hair.

Statement of Interest:

I am interested in joining the NYCMER board to both share my knowledge and learn from other museum professionals. I love my work at the New York Transit Museum and would love to be more involved in the greater museum education community in NYC. I believe we all have a lot to learn from one another and am excited to help facilitate that exchange. After six years working in museums I am ready and eager to take on a leadership role. As Education Coordinator at the Transit Museum I am very organized and have experience planning and facilitating events. I also have a lot of experience working with guests with disabilities and guests of all ages. I feel my experience at the Transit Museum would serve me well as a Trustee at Large with NYCMER both helping with events and serving on committees.

Goals for NYCMER:

I hope for NYCMER to focus on amplifying previously unheard voices and narratives. Many museums suffer from a lack of diversity in staff and particularly in leadership. As this has been pointed out more than ever this year, I hope NYCMER focuses on bridging the gap in who we often hear from in museums. I hope to assist with this through my work with the board. I also hope to bring more people into NYCMER. I in the past felt nervous joining new spaces and would love to help encourage new people to join in NYCMER events and feel comfortable.


Professional Experience:

I have worked at the New York Transit Museum for over six years now, first as an Educator and Access Educator, and now as Education Coordinator. As an educator I taught students and adults of all ages as well as special education and access groups. I still teach in my position now but am also responsible for supervising educators, scheduling, writing programs, data tracking, and upkeep of a educators’ resource website. I also have represented the museum at resource fairs, open houses, and recently presented with colleagues from The Intrepid at the ASTC conference about our virtual access programs.