Mary Tsaltas-Ottomanelli

Executive Director

Hendrick I. Lott House

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Statement of Interest:

In my experience with smaller historical sites, I've come to understand how crucial it is to have a network of professionals for support, collaboration, and advice. NYCMER provides fantastic opportunities for its members to cultivate such relationships. My background in working with historic houses and being a Public Historian has equipped me with a versatile set of skills, allowing me to connect smaller museums and sites with larger institutions effectively.

Goals for NYCMER:

I'm keen on joining the NYCMER Board as a Trustee-at-Large, with an aim to strengthen our organization's ties with smaller historical houses across the boroughs. I see a need for better representation of these sites on our board and within NYCMER as a whole, to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations among our members. With my leadership experience in small historic houses and a background in Public History, I bring a distinct set of skills to the table that can help establish these crucial connections.


Professional Experience: 

With over a decade of experience in a small museum setting, I've taken on diverse roles as a project leader and collaborator with various departments. This experience has honed my adaptability to change, and bolstered my leadership and communication skills, thereby enabling a deeper understanding of the integral roles played by each department within a museum. As a Public Historian, I've learned to effectively lead and collaborate with teams to successfully execute exhibitions, fundraising initiatives, and marketing campaigns.


Specific Skills:

Overseeing operations for the 300-year-old Hendrick I. Lott House, a historic house owned by the city, involves close collaboration with several city agencies. As the sole staff member in this role, I lead the museum's programming, fundraising, and collections management efforts, working alongside a dedicated volunteer board. My role also involves a strong partnership with the NYC Parks Department and HHT to ensure the preservation of the historic house. We're currently in the initial stages of a multi-year interior stabilization project. This project requires us to interact with numerous agencies, providing expert input to guarantee the house's proper preservation and care for the upcoming years.