Presley Rodriguez

Administrative Coordinator

Morris-Jumel Mansion

a dark haired woman with glasses smiles at the camera

Statement of Interest:

I want to take on a leadership role in NYCMER because I am interested in contributing to an organization that supports educators. I have a professional background in schools, and now that I am working in a museum, I find that my love for sharing information with others continues to hold true. What I appreciate about NYCMER is that it provides museum educators with opportunities to stay agile and connected. I am excited at the prospect of helping make a meaningful impact as a Board member.


Goals for NYCMER:

I strongly support NYCMER's commitment to helping museum professionals connect. The organization provides ample opportunities for individuals to build community in ways that would otherwise not occur. The museum industry thrives when individuals share knowledge in formal and informal ways, and NYCMER provides that vital service. In the future, I hope for NYCMER to find additional ways to help with career development, perhaps by implementing a space for people to ask questions to others in the NYCMER community or by having a rotation of professionals who can volunteer virtual office hours for career-related questions.


Professional Experience: 

I have a BA in Archaeology from Boston University and an MA in Art History from CUNY Hunter College. For six years, I worked as an administrative assistant at a private school, where I planned all school events, oversaw school operations, and assisted teachers in the classrooms. As of 2022, I have worked as the administrative coordinator at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, a historic house museum in Washington Heights. Working for a small institution means I assist in various areas around the museum, including coordinating with the visitor services and education managers to ensure programs run smoothly.


Specific Skills:

As a school administrator, I planned events ranging from nonprofit fundraisers to family carnivals. I also helped coordinate professional development trainings by scheduling facilitators and communicating plans with educators. I found great satisfaction in ensuring teachers felt helped, not hindered, by administration, and I have carried that priority over to my museum career. 

As a museum professional, I help execute various projects on behalf of the director and managers. My position as an administrator requires a high degree of organizational skills. I am also adept at developing systems to increase efficiency. I am able to bring the perspective of a small institution, where administration helps push forward all areas of museum initiatives, including education. 

Additionally, I can speak to some of the specific challenges of being a museum professional of color. As a Board member, I would aim to represent NYCMER members of color and their museum experiences.