Peer Group Compiled Resources 2021


New Jersey Regional Meetup Peer Group's Virtual Enrichment Outside NYC Directory

Welcome to the resource compilation from the NJ Regional Peer Group showcasing our favorite museums to follow for virtual enrichment. We're defining enrichment as something that can "enrich" the mind, body, or soul of ourselves, our staff, our volunteers, and/or our audiences.

In here you may find recommendations of museums and other informal institutions that have very interesting virtual exhibits/collections, frequent virtual programs, or perhaps they just have a very cool social media presence that would be great to follow!

Please add to this as you will- the only restriction is that we focus on institutions outside NYC, as there's already a list for that! Email with any questions or document access needs.


NYCMER Book Club's Best Practices: Creating Spaces for Productive Conversation

A resource on how to facilitate meetings that create brave space for folks to address difficult topics.


Access Peer Group's Navigating the Many Realms of Access Resources

This is more of a “catch all” kind of resource. We have compiled a modest array of various access-related resources. Everything from detailed project proposals to reputable ASL classes. This is very much open for others to contribute to - access it above!


Adult Programs Peer Group's Redefining Program Evaluation

Looking to incorporate DEAI (Diversity, Equity, Access and Inclusion) into your programming evaluation? Check out this resource, compiled by the Adult Programs Peer Group, with tools to prioritize anti-racism and equity in your program evaluation.


Queer Peers Peer Group's 2021 Pride Checklist and Additional Queer-sources

Preparing for Pride Month (June) at your institution? Contemplating how to host a thoughtful Pride Month celebration for your institution? Then definitely bookmark the Queer Peers Pride Checklist.

Interested in taking it a step further? Review our additional selected resources.


Evaluation Peer Group's Guide to Excel

Follow along with the Evaluation Peer Group’s tips and tricks for analyzing data in a quick and easy way.


K-12 & Family Programmers Peer Group's In Our Back Pocket: Vital Resources of K-12 & Family Programmers

Over the past year, our peer group community has shared a plethora of resources to support one another in this virtual world. We have compiled a list of our most vital and revisited resources that have been shared in our meetings and community. 


Docent, Intern, and Volunteer Supervisors Peer Group's helpful series of one-page resource guides relevant to structural and logistical challenges since COVID-19:

Is Anybody Out There? Communicating with Your Volunteers

So You Want to Bring Your Volunteers Back

Best Practices for Internships


English Language Learners and Cultural Diversity Peer Group's Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Teaching ELL Students in a Virtual World

Teaching English Language Learners can be a fun and unique challenge. However, it can be especially challenging to teach ELL students in a virtual realm. In this short video you can learn some useful techniques for virtual ELL teaching as well as explore some online programs that can add more value to your program.


Virtual Artists and Educators Peer Group's Teaching Artists’ Virtual Toolbox

The Teaching Artists’ Virtual Toolbox includes comparison of  platforms and apps, as well as resources, tips, and tricks for and improving virtual education programs.